So you love spending time outside, right? Enjoying your personal outdoor oasis that you have planned and had built to perfection; an outdoor area that not only compliments your personality and lifestyle but your property as well. Adding a fire pit to your personal paradise provides a unique, comfortable space that allows you, your family, and friends to enjoy the season just that much longer.

It can be utilized to entertain, relax, cook and enjoy for years when built with beautiful stone. And at Imagination Landscapes, we know those stone luxuries that extend your living space outdoors are all the craze when it comes to increasing your property value.

At Imagination Landscapes, we would like you to take a closer look at the benefits of adding a Fire Pit to your landscape or Outdoor Living Area.

1. Extend your time outdoors
Even as the weather gets chilly, creating a cozy environment that offers a soothing ambiance to enjoy has never been easier. A fire pit area provides a casual hangout for friends and family during a cool night. It provides you, your family and guests, the opportunity to extend your living space outdoors late into the fall, during mild winter nights, and early in the spring.

2. Provide an entertainment factor
​Adding a Fire Pit to landscape or Outdoor Living Are provides you with an exciting place to gather and entertain right in your own backyard. Bust out the marshmallows, make s’mores and get ready to tell stories for many good times. And because this will be a permanent entertainment area, you can custom build stone benches around the fire pit for the ultra-comfortable party place.

3. Create a private retreat
​When you are not throwing parties and entertaining you will still have the ambiance of a captivating fire while stargazing with loved ones. It can serve as your personal retreat that inspires while providing rest and relaxation. Just imagine, after a full day of wanting to escape from the hectic hustle-and-bustle of everyday life, coming home to settle down and unwind in your own private outdoor space or to enjoy a romantic, intimate evening with your spouse in a setting like no other.

4. Create a fun cooking experience
​Adding a fire pit to your landscape or Outdoor Living Area creates a whole different experience in cooking outdoors compared to grilling. Simulating the campfire experience, your children will enjoy cooking hot dogs and kabobs over the fire. You can also bring the camping experience to your backdoor by wrapping meat, potatoes, and vegetables in foil to cook on the fire. For the ultimate luxury, grates or grills can be incorporated over the fire so that can be used as a barbecue.

5. Increase your property value
A Fire Pit serves as an attractive focal point that can make your outdoor living space stand apart from others when you decide to sell. Not only does building a pit of natural stone add to the beauty and tends to be elaborate, but it possesses proven durability and structural integrity that will last season after season, offering years of outdoor pleasure and entertainment.

No matter what time of year it is, everyone loves to gather around a cozy fire. Fortunately, you don’t have to head to the local campground to enjoy an outdoor blaze. Consider the benefits of having an outdoor fire pit installed by Imagination Landscapes right in your own backyard.

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