The term softscape is used to describe non-permanent features that are not structural; they are fluid and moving – changing over time. Softscape is essentially the living and animated part of the landscape such as trees, shrubs, plants, soil, flowerbeds, mulch, grass, and more.

While softscaping may sound, theoretically, like the less important landscape design element, it is anything but. Softscape can be simulated on landscape design software ahead of time to play around with what works best but softscape can truly make or break a landscape.

The juxtaposition of softscape and hardscape is what makes a landscape aesthetically pleasing and visually interesting.

When Imagination Landscapes designs and builds your landscape we strive to not add too many “hard” elements or it will seem unbalanced and too “cold.” The beauty of softscaping is that it is more flexible than hardscaping and can be changed seasonally, annually or as your personal preferences change.

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